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Identity Request for use of Brand

Request for use of Brand:

Gateway Health SM takes pride in its heritage of providing innovative programs that positively affect the personal health of its members. It is important that our corporate identity align with the integrity of the organization. This is achieved through consistency in every facet of visual communication.


Gateway Health’s Corporate Communications Department is responsible for the implementation of the brand standards program. Please direct all project requests and questions to the Corporate Communications Department at (412)255-7234 or, via e-mail at

Approvals are for a one-time use only. Subsequent use of logo and materials will need to be requested separately.

Legal/Public Name

Gateway HealthSM is the legal name to be used on all legal documents. Gateway Health SM  is the public name which promotes the expanded line of services to our members beyond traditional health plans.

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Describe in detail why the use of the logo, icon and tagline are being requested, as well as how the proposed use is relevant to Gateway HealthSM and/or nature of the partnership. (e.g., Gateway HealthSM is a sponsor, partner or host).
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Use or reproductions of any logo(s), icon or tagline are prohibited without the approval of Gateway Health SM Corporate Communications.

Gateway Health SM is the owner of all rights, title, interests, and goodwill in and to certain designations comprising designs, trade names, trademarks and service marks, including but not limited to the designations depicted in our Brand Standards Guide, as other designs, icons and symbols which have come to be associated with Gateway Health SM.

Gateway Health SM retains all rights to licensed marks except as otherwise granted herein.