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Provider Authorization Portal

Gateway Health's Provider Authorization Portal 

Gateway Health providers have access to our Provider Authorization Portal. Simply access the portal by clicking here.  The new Authorization Portal was integrated into the Gateway platform that includes all of the functionality of the original and also includes  features such as:

·         Overall application optimization results in a faster and more robust experience.

·         Modern design built for use on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices.

·         Enhanced Authorization form workflows and functionality.

·         More information and feedback available regarding submitted Authorizations.

·         Advanced Authorization submission search functionality.

·         Batch Claims lookup allows quick and full search criteria for completed claims.

·        Other self-service features will include: Secure Messaging and Document Exchange.

* Provider Remittance Advice: Gateway would like to announce the exciting launch of Provider Remittance Advice capabilities effective Wednesday, November 18, 2016. You will see this great feature when you access the Provider Portal beginning November 21, 2016.