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Celebrating 20 Years of Service To The Community

Advancing healthcare by empowering members and caregivers


  • Began as Gateway HealthSM, L.P.


  • Enrolled first member in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.


  • Gateway’s Behavioral Health Unit was an integrated component of Gateway’s care management departments.
  • September – MOM Matters®® maternity program, a home-based intervention targeting members with high-risk pregnancies, was piloted in Allegheny County.


  • Gateway HealthSM achieved the highest National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA®) rating, three year “Full Accreditation.”
  • March – Gateway implements GATELink and brings Member Services and Enrollment departments in-house.
  • May – Gateway exceeded 100,000 members and was operating in 14 counties.


  • April – Began AIR Gateway, an asthma management program.
  • June – Gateway expanded into Central Pennsylvania, Lehigh, Cumberland, Dauphin, Berks, Schuylkill and Northumberland Counties.
  • November – Michael Blackwood named president and chief executive officer.


  • January – Adapts to changing healthcare environment as HealthChoices is introduced in 10 Southwestern Pennsylvania counties.
  • April – “What to Do Before You’re Two: Immunize” Campaign kicks off.
  • October – Quality Council was formed to provide leadership, support, direction and oversight in the planning and implementation of Total Quality Management (TCM) philosophies and techniques into the culture and day-to-day operations of Gateway.


  • May – Gateway HealthSM became the first Medicaid health plan nationwide to receive NCQA®’s “Excellent” Accreditation and was the first to repeat that level of accreditation in 2000.
  • September – Healthy Returns Diabetes Management Program was initiated to provide a comprehensive personalized approach to assist diabetic members with better management of their condition.


  • October – HealthChoices introduced in Lehigh Capital area of Pennsylvania.


  • April – Gateway’s membership increased from 153,000 to more than 200,000 members.
  • August – Prospective Care Management (PCM®®) is announced as Gateway’s business model – identifying members needs and linking members to resources and breaking down barriers to care.


  • Gateway launches award-winning Fire, Burn, Scald Prevention Program designed to educate members and the community on practicing methods to prevent fire, burns and scalds.  Named the “Program of the Year” by the Pennsylvania Rural Health Conference.  During this same year, Gateway earns NCQA®’s ‘Excellent’ Accreditation level.
  • April – Gateway relocated its corporate office from Chatham Center to the US Steel Tower.


  • Michael Blackwood, President and Chief Executive Officer, selected as 2004 State Rural Health Leader of the Year.
  • Gateway achieved 14.1 out of 15 points for HEDIS® and the full 12.5 points for CAHPS®, totaling 26.6 out of 27.5 points for those care management and member satisfaction measures.
  • Gateway adopts health literacy as one of its chief initiatives.


  • Gateway introduces generic medication delivery network designed to reduce costs associated with the growing use of name-brand prescription medications. 


  • Gateway becomes the first Medicaid health plan to repeat NCQA®’s “Excellent” Accreditation level.
  • A report from U.S. News & World Report and the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA®) placed Gateway HealthSM among the highest rated Medicaid health plans in the country for the second consecutive year.  The report, “America’s Best Health Plans,” ranks Gateway HealthSM #12.
  • January – Expanded services to include a Medicare-approved Special Needs Plan, Gateway HealthSM Medicare Assured® in 22 counties in Pennsylvania.


  • Recognized two years in a row as one of the nation’s top-15 Medicaid managed care plans in the country by U.S. News & World Report / NCQA®'s “America’s Best Health Plans.”


  • Gateway is ranked #12 among 196 Medicaid plans nationwide.  It is the top-ranked Medicaid plan in Pennsylvania.
  • January – Gateway Medicare Assured® (HMO SNP) becomes one of the largest plans of its kind in the country due to expansion to include 27 counties in Pennsylvania.
  • Gateway implements its Gateway to Practitioner Excellence® (GPE®) Pay for Performance (P4P) Program for its Pennsylvania Medicaid Primary Care Practices.  GPE® focuses on data measures to evaluate practice performance in the areas of clinical quality, emergency room utilization and encounter data submission.  To qualify, practices must be in the NCQA® Quality Compass 75th percentile for a specified set of clinical measures associated with yearly HEDIS® rates.


  • Gateway again earned the highest possible rating by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA®) for its Medicaid HMO product.  Following an on-site survey in March 2009, Gateway HealthSM received a three year “Excellent” accreditation, marking the fifth consecutive time the plan has received NCQA®’s highest rating.
  • Gateway expanded its community outreach by hosting “Taking Charge for Today’s Caregiver,” a free educational and interactive event for caregivers.


  • Gateway introduces the Health Awareness Series (H.A.S), a program designed to provide health education on various health topics that affect seniors, is now offered on a monthly basis in five convenient locations throughout the City of Pittsburgh.  Provided by Gateway HealthSM in partnership with Giant Eagle and the Citiparks, all programs are no cost to participants.


  • Gateway lays the groundwork for expansion into Philadelphia County with its Medicare Assured® (HMO SNP) product for those on Medical Assistance and Medicare.  Contracts are signed with four major hospitals, including 1,500 healthcare providers, community mental health and ancillary services.


  • Expansion of Medicare Assured® to Philadelphia County officially took effect Jan. 1, 2012.  The new agreement greatly expands Gateway’s service area for the dual-eligible population.  Further expansion to take effect in Jan. 2013 to include four neighboring counties, including Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery.
  • Gateway expands its Health Literacy Program Series (HELPS), through a series of workshops that are free and open to the general public on a variety of health topics that include: “Getting the Care You Need”; “Understanding Dual Eligibility and Special Needs Plans”; and “Take Charge of Your Health.” 
  • Gateway expands its Disease Management Program under a new name, Gateway to Lifestyle Management℠.  New to its list of services is a COPD disease-specific management program for those with chronic breathing problems.  Under the Gateway to Lifestyle Management℠ umbrella, Gateway also brought its diabetes program in-house to streamline care.
  • Gateway HealthSM introduces CareConnect into its software of products, providing real-time information, such as knowing when a prescription is filled, or when an appointment is made.  The program is a fully integrated online health plan administration system and is connected with GATElink, which is Gateway’s main Information System.  CareConnect is currently being developed for a Utilization Management module to be aligned with Care Management on a real-time basis, providing both flexibility and coordinated care. 


  • For those eligible for Medical Assistance (Medicaid), Gateway HealthSM provides health coverage for nearly 309,000 Pennsylvanians living in 40 counties throughout the state who have access to a network of more than 15,000 healthcare providers, more than 145 hospitals, nearly 3,000 pharmacies and an extensive network of pharmacies and home healthcare agencies.
  • Gateway HealthSM Medicare Assured® (HMO SNP) has more than 53,000 members in Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, making it one of the largest Special Needs Plans in the nation for the dual-eligible population, serving individuals who are eligible for both Medicare and Medical Assistance.