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Gateway Health Drug Formulary

You can search the formulary in several ways.

You can search the formulary alphabetically by selecting the first letter of the drug you are looking for, OR by either the Brand or Generic name of a drug by entering the name of the drug or the first few letters if the full name or correct spelling is not known.

You can also search the formulary by Therapeutic Class of the drug if the exact drug name is not known.

Some of the medications on the formulary require prior authorization, have a quantity limit, must be dispensed by a specialty pharmacy or require step therapy. These medications are marked with a symbol under the Notes & Restrictions column. If the drug you need requires prior authorization your physician can submit a Drug Specific Prior Authorization Form.

Non Formulary Policies

If your drug is not included in this formulary, you should first contact Member Services and ask if your drug is covered.

Download printable pdf version of this file.

A physician may request a non-formulary medication only if medical necessity or failure of formulary alternatives are documented by the physician on the Gateway HealthSM Medicaid Drug Exception Form.