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Gateway Health Launches NaviNet Capabilities in Kentucky, Ohio, & North Carolina

Gateway Health (Gateway) is proud to announce the launch of NaviNet services availability in Kentucky, Ohio, and North Carolina effective March 6, 2017. NaviNet is a web-based solution for providers and America’s largest real-time healthcare communications network, securely linking providers nationwide through a single website. NaviNet delivers real-time bidirectional administrative and clinical information to the point of care to improve the delivery of care. Office staff, clinicians, and providers access and manage key patient data through a user-friendly dashboard and industry-leading, self-service workflows. The power of information promotes efficiency and enables providers to better run their business.

*Please note: Practices cannot call for access/setup prior to March 6, 2017.

NaviNet features include:

  • Eligibility and Benefits Inquiry
  • Claim Status Inquiry
  • Authorization Inquiry
  • Plan Central Message Center
  • Secure link to Gateway’s Provider Portal which allows access to:

o   Batch Claims Search

o   Remittance Advice

o   Secure Messaging

o   Provider Directory

NaviNet quick link website addresses include: