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Medicare Assured® Plan Overview

Dental Services

Smile proudly! 

Keeping your teeth healthy is important.  Gateway HealthSM Medicare Assured® offers dental services to all members.

What dental services are covered?

  • One (1) set of dentures every five (5) year
  • One (1) oral exam every six (6) months
  • One (1) cleaning every six (6) months
  • One (1) dental x-ray every six (6) months
  • One (1) panoramic x-ray every five (5) year
  • Up to $500 every two (2) years toward minor restorations, such as fillings, simple extractions and denture repair

Transportation Services

Have better access!

Non-emergency transportation services are available at no cost to all Gateway HealthSM Medicare Assured® members.  You can also bring one (1) person to accompany you, if needed.

What is the transportation benefit?

  • 36 one-way, non-emergency trips per calendar year
  • Includes transportation to doctor visits; dental, vision, hearing and behavioral health services; and to pharmacies and fitness center
  • Locations must be Plan-approved and within a certain distance of a member’s home

Click here for more information on how to use the transportation benefit.

Vision Services

See more clearly!

We believe in providing vision services to all Gateway HealthSM Medicare Assured® members.

What vision services are included?

  • Up to four (4) routine eye exams every calendar year
  • One (1) pair of eyeglasses or standard contact lenses every calendar year, including up to $150 for specialty contact lenses, if needed

Hearing Services

Open your ears to sound!

Being able to hear your surroundings is vital.  Gateway HealthSM Medicare Assured® offers hearing services to all members.

What hearing services are offered?

  • Routine hearing exams
  • Fittings and evaluations for hearing aids
  • Up to $1,000 for hearing aids every two (2) years

Bathroom Safety Items

Be safe in even the slickest of places!

We understand that the bathroom can be a challenging place if you do not have the proper safety products.  That is why we provide Gateway HealthSM Medicare Assured® members with bathroom safety items.

What bathroom safety items are included?

  • Members may receive up to $100 each calendar year for bathroom safety products
  • Bathroom safety products include bath/shower chairs, bathtub rails and bathtub stools or benche

Prescription Drug Coverage

Get the medicine you need at a price you can afford!

Most drugs are not covered under Original Medicare. Gateway HealthSM Medicare Assured® members get all the benefits of Original Medicare, PLUS many extra benefits, including prescription drug coverage.

Additional Benefits

Gateway HealthSM cares about you and wants you to lead an active lifestyle and improve your quality of life.  That is why Gateway HealthSM Medicare Assured® benefits focus on YOU and YOUR needs.

Extra valuable benefits are offered to Gateway HealthSM Medicare Assured® members, like...

  • Health and Wellness Education, such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma and smoking cessation programs
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Care
  • HIV Preventive Screenings
  • …and so much more!