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Medicare AssuredSM Provider Updates Archive


January 2016 Provider Update and Practice Change Form
December 2015 Claims and Billing Announcements
December 2015 Retrospective Authorizations
December 2015 Submit Authorizations Electronically Phase 2
December 2015 Readmissions Retrospective Authorizations
October 2015 ICD Version Indicator
October 2015 Submit Authorizations Electronically Memo          Training Guide
October 2015 COA/BMI Bonus Payment Discontinued
Sept 2015 Clinical Pharmacy Prior Auth Remicade
Aug 2015 Authorization for Post-Acute Care Services 
July 2015 ICD-10 Compliance Date for Implementation Quickly Approaching
July 2015 Practitioner and Facility Emergency Department Policy
June 2015 Submit Radiology Authorizations Electronically
June 2015 Enhanced Clinical Editing Process
May 2015 Claims Submission Reminder
May 2015 Reimbursement Policy Regarding Practitioner and Facility Emergency Department
April 2015 Change in Reimbursement Policy for Hot and Cold Packs
October 2014 New Claims Mailing Address
October 2014 Change in Recredentialing Approval Notice
July 2014 New Lockbox for Submission of Refunds
April 2014 Implementation of Revised CMS-1500 / ACA Provider Revalidation
December 2013 Medicare Inpatient Pricer Delay
October 2013 ICD-10
July 2013 Mammogram Notice
June 2013 Changes Within Our Utilization Management (UM) Department (update)
May 2013 Medicare Advantage Sequestration
April 2013 Changes Within Our Utilization Management (UM) Department
April 2013 New Fax Numbers for Provider Relations, SNU, and MOM Matters®
April 2013 New Corporate Address
March 2013 Healthy Teeth, Healthy Children
February 2013 Voiance Interpreter Services
February 2013 Eliminating Prescriptions for Mammograms
February 2013 Asthma Kit Program
January 2013 New NPI Requirements
January 2013 CMS Inpatient Pricer Update
December 2012 CMS Inpatient Price Delay
December 2012 NIA, Lifting of Outpatient Hospital Referrals and Timely Filing Change
December 2012 Gateway HealthSM Has Partnered With Inpatient Claims Review Services
October 2012 Gateway Has Partnered With Integra Health Management, Inc 
September 2012 Claim Check Announcement
January 2012 Prior Authorization Requirement Changes for Outpatient Surgical Procedures
January 2012 How to Obtain a Specialty Pharmacy Medication
September 2011 Xolair Administration Billing Update
May 2011 Revised Spirometry Testing Announcement
April 2011 Change in Process for Requesting Coverage of a Prior Authorization or Step Therapy Drug
February 2011 Tobacco Cessation Webinars
January 2011 Bone Densitometry – Effective January 3, 2011
October 2010 Gateway HealthSM HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10 Strategy and Timeline
September 2010 Important Announcement Regarding Preventable Serious Adverse Events and Never Events
September 2010 Important Announcement Regarding New Claims Mailing Address
July 2010 Impact of Substance Use on Pregnant Women and Their Newborns
July 2010 FAQ's for Credentialing
March 2010 Fraud and Abuse Training
October 2009 Antiviral Medication Update
October 2009 Important H1N1 Influenza Update
August 2009 New Hours of Operation
June 2009 CMS Alert
October 2008 DRG Grouper Billing Guidelines; Change to Utilization Management’s Medicaid 800 Line and Change to Utilization Management’s Process for Voicemail Messages
July 2008 Important Information About (POA) Present on Admission Indicator Reporting; Change in Maternity Outcome Authorization Form; Third Party Liability
March 2008 Important Change to Gateway HealthSM's Authorization Criteria